Merrill, I

Ian Merrill

Ian Merrill

Subjects: Latin I, III, and IV
Room: 124


Latin I: This course will enable students to develop vocabulary and grammatical skills (both Latin and English) through diligent and constant study. It will also help students to develop reading, listening, and writing skills. Finally, the course will provide an opportunity for students to study the many aspects of the ancient Roman world and how it has affected the modern world. Although Latin is considered a “dead language,” you will find that it is very much alive in etymology, abbreviations, literature, law, government, arts and more.

Latin III: This course will provide students the opportunity to read a wide variety of Latin literature while focusing on the history of the Roman Republic and Empire. This course is designed to prepare students for Latin IV. A deep awareness of the Roman (classical and ecclesiastical) world will also be developed. Latin IV: Throughout the school year, students will be reading and interpreting the works of Ovid and Catullus.


About Me

     B.A. in Economics and Chinese at the University of Arizona
     M.A. in Classics at the University of Arizona


Teaching Schedule

Period 2: Latin I (link)
Period 3: Latin IV (link)
Period 4: Latin I (link)
Period 5: Latin I (link)
Period 6: Latin III (link)
Period 8: Latin III (link)
Period 9: Latin III (link)

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