Ameziane, V

Mrs. Ameziane


Honors 7th Grade Science, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry
Lab Room B


Honors 7th Grade Science is an inquiry exploration of the natural world through an investigation of the History and Nature of Science, Earth Science, Space Science, and Ecology. Students will examine the composition of and processes acting upon the Earth, understand the Earth's relationship with the solar system, and analyze the relationships among various organisms and their environment. The class includes multiple projects and a possible unit on native plants and animals. All students will complete a Science Fair Project. 

Honors Chemistry is an inquiry introduction to matter and how it interacts. Students will examine Matter and Measurement, Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Quantities, States of Matter and Gas Laws, Solutions, Thermochemistry and Energy, Reactions and Rates, and Electrochemistry. Students will maintain a systematic laboratory notebook and will have the choice to complete either a Science Fair or Winter Project.

​AP Chemistry​ provides students with a college-level foundation to support future advanced course work in chemistry. Students cultivate their understanding of chemistry through inquiry-based investigations, as they explore topics such as: atomic structure, intermolecular forces and bonding, chemical reactions, kinetics, thermodynamics, and equilibrium. Students will actively participate and develop procedures and investigations using an inquiry learning model. 11th graders will complete a Science Fair or Winter Project. This is options for extra credit for 12th grade students. This course is designed to prepare students for the AP Chemistry exam in May and, as such, it is expected that all students will take the exam.


About Me

I grew up in Arizona and attended Arizona State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. I also hold a Master of Arts in Education. I worked as an analytical chemist for a biomedical engineering company for a few years before becoming a teacher. This will be my 18th year teaching and 2nd at GCA. 


Teacher Schedule
Hour 2: Honors 7th Grade Science
Hour 3: Legion Ameziane's Alpachemists
Hour 4: Honors 7th Grade Science
Hour 5: Honors Chemistry
Hour 6: AP Chemistry
Hour 8: Honors Chemistry
Hour 9: Honors Chemistry