Palumbo, S

Magistra Palumbo

Cave Canen

Lingua Latina
Room: 110


Welcome to Latin class!  I hope you are ready to be challenged, work hard, and be engaged in the immortal language!


Hora 1: Latin IV Honors
Hora 2:  Latin I Honors
Hora 3:  Legion:  Palumbo's Purple Pegasi
Hora 4:  Latin I Honors
Hora 5:  Latin I Honors
Hora 6:  JH Tutoring, Latin Club, Certamen
Hora 7:  HS Tutoring, Latin Club, Certamen
Hora 8:  Latin III Honors
Hora 9:  Latin III Honors

De Magistra

1.  Bachelor of Arts (Latin, Sociology,History) University of Arizona
2.  Masters of Education (Counseling) Northern Arizona University
3.  Aestiva Romae Latinitas (Summer Latin with Father Reginald Foster)
4.  Masters  Classes in Latin University of Florida
1.  Latin Teacher since February of 1998
2.  Educator in public and private schools teaching middle and high school as well as privately teaching Latin home school elementary groups.
3. Arizona Junior Classical League State Chair since 1999
Mea Vita
1.  II liberi
2.  II canes
3.  I maritus
4.  0 piscis-R.I.P.
5.  XV itinera ad Italiam!


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